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To make a claim you will have to demonstrate you suffered loss or damage. There are two types of damages

General Damages

General damages are compensation payments for the pain, suffering and loss suffered by you. This is the pain and trauma at the time of the accident, but also any continuing problems that would include loss of enjoyment in different areas of your personal life.

Injury Recovery Period Estimated Damages
Whiplash to neck 4 weeks £1,000.00
Whiplash to neck 1year £2,500.00
Whiplash to back 2 years £4,250.00
Whiplash Incomplete recovery £7,500 - £13,750.
Fractured collarbone 1 year £2,500.00 - £4,250.00
Fractured wrist 2 years £4,000.00
Fracture of Index Finger 2 years £5,000 - £6,500.00
Fractured sternum 2 years £3,000.00
PTSD/Shock 1 - 2 years £2,150- £4,500.00
Ankle Injury 1 year   £3,250.00
Ankle Injury Incomplete recovery £27,500 - £38,000.00
Simple leg fracture 2 years £5,000.00
Note: Figures are based on average compensation payments and are not guaranteed.
Special Damages
Special damages are quantifiable cost to a claimant. Examples of special damages are:
  • Travel expenses or visiting hospitals
  • Parking costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Details of any loss of bonuses
  • Overtime
  • Medical treatment
  • Extra expenses whilst in hospital
  • Prescription costs
  • Treatment costs
  • Additional household expenses
  • Any aids and equipment
  • Payment for help in house/care whilst you are recuperating

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